Brazil is now divided into two teams

Brazil is now divided into two teams

How a yellow jersey is dividing Brazil into two groups

Brazil hasn’t won the Olympic Games since 2000. There are still many things Brazil needs to win, but the greatest thing is that the country can now officially be divided into two teams.

Brazilians aren’t surprised in any way, of course. It is a tradition that the country had long since gone through. The only difference is that since Rio de Janeiro hosting the Olympic Games and its hosts were given a unique nickname, Brazil is now divided into two teams (yellow and blue). This is not the first time that Brazil has been divided. The country was split into teams in the 1968 Olympic Games, and in the 1976 Games.

After the 2016 Olympics, in Rio de Janeiro, a lot of people and companies, including people like me, were surprised by the results. We thought that only the strongest team from every country would come to Rio de Janeiro. After all, this is the first time a country has hosted the Olympics at the same time as the hosting country, and the first time the host country wins.

The truth is that this was a team made up of all countries in the Americas. There were also a lot of European countries, as well as South American ones. And because the Rio organizing committee took away all the gold medals in the last Olympics, the Brazilians didn’t have any gold medals to share with the rest of the world. Instead, after the 2014 Worlds, they decided to put all the gold medals on the pedestal.

However, before the 2016 Olympics, there were already two teams: a blue team made up of countries from Europe and the Americas, and a yellow team made up of countries from Central and South America. Since Rio hosting the games wasn’t the only thing that made the country split up, you can say that the division was there before 2016. There is also a third team, made up of countries from African countries, that also made up the yellow team.

The blue and yellow teams are so different that

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