Diana Burbano: A Punk Life in the Modern World

Diana Burbano: A Punk Life in the Modern World

Diana Burbano, a Colombian immigrant and punk rock playwright, is always true to herself despite the pressure to always be perfect.

Her latest book, “A Punk Life in the Modern World”, is a memoir of living life as a feminist punk rock star, punk music fan, political activist, and punk musician.

She uses her experiences to encourage young women to think critically about the world and to develop their own unique values.

“I have always strived to live a good life–one that will leave the world a better place than when I found it,” she writes.

“I’ve wanted to live a genuine life that embraces my true self, rather than one whose ideals are defined by the expectations of others.”

Her memoir is a book about how to do that. It is not a personal manual filled with inspirational stories about other people.

Burbano is able to balance her own history with the realities of her life by learning from the best.

“I’ve read books that taught me about feminism and politics, about sexuality, about self-care and responsibility. But they often had a very narrow view of what I wanted to do and who I was. I’ve learned that you never can have everything in your life, and sometimes it is important to make room for things that you do not have time for.”

Burbano wrote this book in English with another book in Spanish.

“We have no choice but to take a few chances, and to keep trying, while still being conscious of how lucky we are in life,” she writes.

“There is a fine line between making yourself happy and living a life full of regret.”

There are some things that Diana Burbano will never do

This book will most definitely not contain the true story of “Diana’s Dream Wedding at Elton John’s Palace,” a story where she and her wife, Andrea, secretly arranged for

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