Fullerton Unified School District passes resolution banning critical race theory

Fullerton Unified School District passes resolution banning critical race theory

After O.C. school district bans critical race theory, it faces Cal State Fullerton backlash

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FULLERTON, Calif. — As if racism wasn’t enough to be discussed on campus, the former president of the University of California, Berkeley, now faces accusations of racism.

In December, the Fullerton Unified School District board passed a resolution called “Anti-Bias Resolution,” banning critical Race Theory from Fullerton’s high school and junior high school campuses.

It’s not the first time the district has passed a resolution on the issue. Many people view the decision as being inconsistent, given the district’s history. The district has banned critical race theory at all of its high schools, and has banned it from elementary schools.

The resolution comes after the district recently changed its definition of racism to include “the use of words in a biased and inaccurate manner that suggest a racial bias or an intention to denigrate a group.”

“We think this is a very good idea and think there’s a right way to deal with our racism,” said Rhea Vassar, a spokesperson for the district. “If we saw a racial slur, we would have a student leave immediately.”

But the resolution goes much further, including banning a teacher from using the “n-word” and promoting “racially insensitive remarks.”

“We don’t want the school district to be a place where there are no racists,” said Rhea Vassar.

The district board’s vote, which was mostly unanimous, comes after another resolution passed in September, and called for a “comprehensive anti-bias resolution that includes policies to prevent hate crimes, discrimination and bullying,” according to a copy of the resolution seen by KTLA.

The district says it supports the work of former President Barack Obama, who co-authored a report on school discipline that included provisions for racial bias and other issues.

“We feel that anti-bias education needs to be included in the curriculum,

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