Naomi Biden and her husband, Joe Biden, Are Wedding

Naomi Biden and her husband, Joe Biden, Are Wedding

What We Know About Naomi Biden’s White House Wedding

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Since it was announced last week that the former first daughter, daughter of presidential hopeful and 2020 hopeful Joe Biden, was being married next month, one of the first reactions was to wonder if it was going to be a civil-union wedding. There’s reason to wonder, of course, given that the couple didn’t choose to officially tie the knot despite widespread speculation that Biden was planning to pursue a formal and legal union.

But now, after the announcement, we have a bit more insight about the nuptial festivities.

Naomi and her new husband are planning on attending the White House ceremony — in case you needed an invite, the couple gave each other a personal letter to hand out to friends and family ahead of the March 25 wedding. According to the official invitation to the wedding, the couple were “inspired by the life of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. who said in 1968, ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’”

Naomi’s in-laws are expected to attend, in addition to Biden’s daughter, Arianna.

Biden’s campaign said Saturday that the couple are “happy for this new chapter in their life together.”

The White House wedding will be the second time Biden’s family has attended since he became a senator. He and his wife, former Rep. Elizabeth Harris, made the trip to Washington, D.C., when Biden was Vice President to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony at his official Senate office. That ceremony was held in an open-air space in the Capitol — a space not typically reserved for public and private ceremonies in the capital. (The location was due to the fact that Senator Harris’ office was on Capitol Hill, according to The Washington Post.)

On the same day that the wedding invitation was posted, Biden shared a photo of himself with his in-laws, first cousin Marlin Deaver, on his Instagram profile.

While Biden is expected to attend the wedding, his presence won’t be required — he’s skipping the ceremony altogether to attend the March meeting of the U.

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