“Shorts Women” Season 2: The Women of the Pacific Northwest

“Shorts Women” Season 2: The Women of the Pacific Northwest

An action spectacle built around true story of female warriors fighting to preserve their honor is the latest addition to the lineup of “Shorts”, the feature-length documentary feature films made in partnership with PBS that are intended to capture the spirit and beauty of America’s “we the people”.

The film’s first season focused on stories of the women of the Pacific Northwest, and brought together 13 of the most talented women in the US, one from each state, who brought a love of the outdoors, the outdoorswoman’s way of life, and a sense of patriotism that was at once fierce and deeply personal.

After a strong debut in 2014, the series returns to its roots in the Pacific Northwest and this year’s selections continue to highlight the stories of women who have defied the odds to live their lives the full measure of their potential.

The 2019 season includes stories that range from a woman who fought for her daughter’s right to attend a prestigious university to a mother with a severe heart condition and a father with Down syndrome struggling to ensure that his life and death are as meaningful as possible.

I’m thrilled that this next installment takes its place at the front of both the “Shorts” timeline and the film’s growing canon. This is a film that truly captures the spirit of the American people; a spirit of self-reliance and resilience, of grit and determination, and of love and friendship.

“The films are as much about the women as they are about the stories they tell,” says Michael C. Johnson, Executive Producer of the series. “‘Shorts Women’ takes you back to Washington State where stories like these are the stuff of legend and it’s an honor to work with such dedicated and talented individuals.”

“Shorts Women” will air on PBS starting April 5. For tickets and more information, check out www.pbs.org/shorts.


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