The Attack on Paul Pelosi and the Death of Several Others is an Attack on Democracy

The Attack on Paul Pelosi and the Death of Several Others is an Attack on Democracy

Editorial: The horrifying attack on Paul Pelosi is an attack on democracy

The attack on Paul Pelosi in the parking lot of the Capitol and the death of several others is an attack on democracy. It should frighten all of us who care about our country, because it is indicative of the kind of people who could be the next president of the United States. The people attacked at the Capitol were, by all accounts, peaceful protestors. None of the people killed was armed, and none of the people killed were Capitol-goers working in a normal, paid position. They were, instead, people who were just walking about, enjoying the sunshine. They were people who were simply out enjoying their day at the Capitol, just like our family members were out enjoying their day at the beach.

What they were doing out there does not mean they were any less free or less American than those who were not there, like our family members who were at the beach.

It says this much about the kind of republic we have in this country. They did not give a damn about those in their group. They did not want to hurt them. They did not want to hurt anyone. They were looking for something — some kind of entertainment, some kind of protest or demonstration, but they did not stop to harm anyone. But the people who were out there, the people who actually lived in this country, and the people who were in charge, were more interested in getting to a demonstration or a protest than in protecting our civil rights.

This happened on the Fourth of July. We have so many other things to celebrate. We cannot give this one all the attention it deserves.

Now, I have a daughter who is as liberal as I am. She voted for Obama. But they have to be given due time to campaign. We know how this will turn out. The problem is that this could be a turning point for America, for its young people, for the party itself. I know my party is very committed to bringing change to America. But this is not where it needs to go to get to the top of the polls.

To think that we are going to take away our constitutional protections — our freedom to protest — is just wrong. And, in doing so,

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