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The Bidens’ Wedding Is The Biggest Political Event of the Year

The Bidens’ Wedding Is The Biggest Political Event of the Year

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When it comes to politics, there are often two different takes on the same subject. One will take a more extreme view, or one will ignore the facts in favor of the truth. However, both are equally false, to put it lightly.

One of those takes on politics is that the wedding of Sen. Joe Biden and a current Supreme Court Justice is the biggest political event of the year, and even more so in 2018, in the eyes of many.

“I want to make our nation great again,” Biden said. Biden later added that it was “a great honor” to be married to the president’s daughter, and then the vice president added, “We are both very grateful to President Trump for his belief in us and his decision.”

Meanwhile, the bride, former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, has made news before, with reports that he is dating Melania Trump. At their first meeting, he wore a pair of white patent shoes that he said that were left over from his high-school prom, and that were then picked up by his brother so they could become a pair of shoes during their first meeting.

The two married on Aug. 6 in Virginia, after weeks of planning and numerous meetings. A source close to the pair told People that they had long discussed their plan to wed “over the coming months,” and that they were set on a wedding date of June 22.

According to the Daily Mail, Melania Trump and her “truly stunning” husband, who are both from New York City, decided to keep their wedding out of the spotlight so as not to overshadow their son, Barron, who is eight years old.

“The family has decided to keep the wedding private and will not put the family’s name on the guest list,” a family spokesperson said in a statement.

The couple appeared together for the wedding, and a source tells Life and Style magazine that they were very much in love.

The new couple will have to face an election in two months, as well as the possibility of increased scrutiny.

“If things do spiral downward,” Trump said while speaking to reporters

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