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The Elite Group

The Elite Group

Washington GOP hopeful slams Seattle, Seahawks and Starbucks

Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson on the campaign trail in Nevada. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)A couple of months ago, while speaking to a crowd in Reno, Nevada, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina was asked a question by a reporter about an “elite” group she hoped to recruit.

The reporter, whom I will not name, asked Fiorina what an elite group, or a “gilded” group, would look like.

“I don’t know,” Fiorina replied.

“You don’t know,” he said, “Do you?”

Fiorina didn’t know, but she was well aware she was being called on the question. The term gilded refers to the excesses of a society.

“I think it’s very clear we’re in a society that isn’t gilded because we’ve been losing jobs, and this country has been in a state of decline on every front,” said Carly Fiorina after answering the reporter’s question.

In this election, we are about to learn whether we are or not.

I am not a card-carrying member. But I read and listen to many of the candidates and even know all of the ones I could name by name. And all of them are gilded. They are in the upper, middle and lower brackets, and they are all rich.

They tell you that they will repeal Obamacare, make more money for teachers, put the military back on a firm footing, and that they’re going to build a wall and put men on top of it to keep out the “illegal immigrants.”

Some of the candidates I know well have said the word elite. They make you wonder about them.

The candidates don’t have an end game; they have an end result. They have something that is better than what you have. That is to say, if they don’t win, they will have accomplished something.

Candidates will say that they will eliminate the National and State parks, end the military pension system for our current members, end the subsidies of the oil companies, or end the

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