The End of Yeezy: What Does It Mean for the Sneaker-Sporting World?

The End of Yeezy: What Does It Mean for the Sneaker-Sporting World?

What Does the End of Yeezy Mean for the Sneakerverse?

This summer, a new chapter is about to begin for Yeezy. On July 27, Kanye West will give the last of his final interviews at the ESPY Awards, to be aired on ABC. The following day, he will host the MTV Video Music Awards, which will be broadcast live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles ahead of Sunday’s Grammys, which he has been slated to host for the second time.

For those who still feel like they have the power to determine what comes next for Yeezy, that may have to wait. But in a nutshell, what does the end of Yeezy mean for the sneaker-sporting world?

1) First, a bit of context. In the past three years, Yeezy has been one of the most influential pop stars in pop music, a brand to rival the Nike influence that has dominated sports for decades. That has not been lost on Kanye West, who has become the de facto artist spokesperson of an entire generation of millennials who are now seeking out the “authentic” look that West was heralding back when he walked the red carpet for his music video “Facts.”

For many of these young people, fashion has become a form of social commentary on everything from the political to the moral. In an MTV Music Awards performance in 2009, Kanye wore a long, flowing gown, a look that was decidedly different from the clean-cut suits that had dominated the annual awards show for years. And in an earlier MTV Music Awards appearance, Kanye wore a short black dress, exposing his large backside, which critics said was inappropriate for a music video. And last year, Kanye was accused of showing a lack of respect to other award show performers by wearing his signature gold sneakers at the Grammys. The controversy that ensued caused many in the media to point out that Kanye’s style choice in this fashion-focused year was a clear sign that Kanye was losing control of the fashion world.

In other words, Kanye’s rise in the fashion world was a big deal for his fans, and for those of us who love fashion as art.

It’s also been a

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