The entertainment industry is helping protect Canadians from COVID-19

The entertainment industry is helping protect Canadians from COVID-19

Toronto calls in the superheroes to help with vaccinating young children against COVID-19

Ontario’s education minister has called in the “superheroes” of the entertainment world to help with the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

But when it comes to the actual medical treatment for children, the federal Department of Health and Long-Term Care (DHLC) has come up with a surprising answer.

“We have called, and we have asked, the entertainment industry to provide support in terms of helping protect Canadians from COVID-19,” Education Minister Mitzie Hunter said in a news release. “The Minister has spoken with movie star Angelina Jolie, who has offered her assistance in producing health advisories and screening activities, and we have also engaged members of the entertainment industry in online communities and social media.”

The call for “superheroes” of the entertainment world to help the fight to protect Canadians from the coronavirus is reminiscent of the “doom and gloom” days of spring.

But as Hunter was quick to put it, this situation is different.

“While the situation has not changed, our efforts are stronger because of the incredible support from Canadians,” Hunter said.

“We have assembled the strongest team of experts in the country to tackle this unprecedented challenge, and we will continue to work to build on this support.”

Hunter has asked the entertainment industry to help with different parts of the fight for the people of Canada.

“We would like to engage movie stars, authors and musicians to help make sure Canadians can get the latest tips on how to avoid infection and stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as health advisories that are based on science,” Hunter said. “We will also be working with the entertainment industry to deliver educational activities for the youth of our country.”

How does the entertainment industry help protect Canadians?

The DHLC says all Canadians should “know to stay home at all times and not to visit family members.”

In addition, the DHLC is asking the entertainment industry to provide guidelines for the use of social media and to share health advisories for the people of Canada

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