The Great British Baking Show: The World Premiere

The Great British Baking Show: The World Premiere

Taking its shows to the real world, Netflix invites you to the ‘Bridgerton’ ball, a private party at the Royal College of Defence Studies at Brindgfield Hall

The most exciting time for a film is when it can’t be seen in a cinema. It must be screened in a theatre, for the benefit of the people who would pay to see it, and they must have the chance to see it before anyone who wants to see it has the chance to see it.

The “world premiere” of this documentary about director Danny Boyle is now shown on Netflix and, when you get hold of it, you have the chance to see a scene from it right now at its “world premiere” – in a public space. A “world premiere” event is what you’ll get if you download and watch the film.

It is a film about the film, about an idea that’s been growing before the eyes of the world for over 150 years. In his book The Art and Spirit of the Movies, screenwriter and film critic Roger Ebert wrote:

“The movie, the movie, the movie!” It is a cry of pure cinema, the cry of a child, the cry of a lonely man, the cry of a little boy in the countryside, the cry of an older man before a crowd, the cry of a baby in a coffin, the cry of a boy in a train station, the cry of a happy child on a bike, the cry of the whole sky, of the whole earth, of every single living thing, the cry of a single thing, the cry of the single life, the cry of existence, the cry of the people, the cry of everything, the cry of all of life, the cry of the whole world, of life itself, the cry of cinema, the cry of everything.”

But the “world premiere” is what you and I will get if we watch the film, and get the chance to see Danny Boyle himself. Because it’s worth the watch.

The world premiere of The Great British Baking Show

The screening will be preceded by a talk by Danny Boyle, and his partner, writer/director Joanna Hogg. They are joined by filmmaker and documentary-maker Michael Apted, who made a series of films and documentaries, and other filmmakers and writers such as James Kent and Adam Curtis. The audience will be given an opportunity to watch the film in tandem with Boyle, if it takes their attention

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