The Padres’ Struggle for Manny Machado

The Padres’ Struggle for Manny Machado

NLCS: Manny Machado Has Been a $300 Million Bargain for San Diego Padres

Manny Machado has been a $300 million bargain for the San Diego Padres, but that doesn’t mean it’s something he has to agree to.

If you’re playing MLB 2K or Madden, the game is almost always a choice between two teams – the San Diego Padres or the New York Mets. San Diego is one of the best teams in the National League, and yet the game’s marquee player, San Diego’s Manny Machado, is on his way out the way.

Manny spent most of last season with the New York Mets, but when they were eliminated in the National League Championship Series, the team sent him to the Cincinnati Reds instead. The Padres, meanwhile, decided that they needed to go after Machado, and they’ve spent most of the offseason in pursuit of him.

This offseason will turn out to be as good as any in baseball history, and that’s why I’m going to go ahead and give away a major advantage to the Padres in their pursuit of Manny Machado.

When you think about it, the team that spent about $300 million – on both players and draft picks – for two players that aren’t even a year away from free agency is going to be an absolutely dominant-field.

First, let’s talk about Manny Machado.

It took the San Diego Padres five years and their fans more than 13 months to get him. The team went through four GMs under Dave Dombrowski and one under Ken Macha.

When Manny was finally brought to San Diego, he was 24 years old and had never played in the big leagues. The team had been looking for a second baseman for more than a decade, and they looked to acquire him because he was a free agent.

The Padres made their decision in a way that has become almost commonplace for teams in baseball. They decided to give the ball away to the player who was the best player available.

After the Reds agreed to pay Manny an $8.5 million annual salary this past offseason, the Padres

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