Weather Service Issues Warning for California

Weather Service Issues Warning for California

California suffering through driest three years ever recorded, with no relief in sight, the National Weather Service has issued an advisory for flash flooding, severe thunderstorms, heavy down-pour, and flash-flooding due to a possible storm system that has moved across the state.

According to the warning:

The storm system has already begun to affect a very wide area, with some areas that are predicted to receive heavy rain over several days. People in those areas should prepare for significant and extremely dangerous weather conditions.

As reported by local news outlets, one advisory was issued at a time, but the Weather Service issued a single warning for the entire state of California.

The system, a low-pressure area located over southern California, includes the remnants of Hurricane Jose, and is expected to move through the state later this evening.

In addition to the advisory, a Flash Flood Watch has been issued for the state, and it will remain in effect until 8 PM PST. The watch and the advisory are the same statement, and the Weather Service has made an effort to avoid issuing warnings for different weather conditions if they come.

As of 6 PM PST, the advisory remains at one. Forecasters expect the system to be in the area for a range of 24-48 hours, but some storms could last longer than others.

The Weather Service also issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch at 6 PM PST, saying that the storms are expected to approach the area later this evening and possibly in the early morning hours on Sunday.

The warning continues through 10 PM PST on Sunday. The advisory is lifted if the system passes through before then.

The Storm Prediction Center issued the advisory as a result of heavy rainfall, with the likelihood of flash flooding, strong wind gusts, and life-threatening rainfall. It was issued at 1:45 p.m.

A heavy rain shower had already started in California in the early hours of Saturday, with over an inch falling in Los Angeles, and one-quarter to one inch in Santa Barbara County, by the evening.

The National Weather Service also issued a Flood Warning about the area.

A flood watch issued by the National Weather Service for the San Jose area was cancelled due to water

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