How to Protect Yourself From Criminals Without Taking Out Your Gun

How to Protect Yourself From Criminals Without Taking Out Your Gun

Column: Three years after being shot at school, this teen has made our survival her fight

( An estimated one in three adults have a concealed handgun in their home. With a concealed-carry permit, we can defend ourselves against a criminal at any time.

But how do we protect ourselves from a criminal, without taking our guns away from us, or losing our second amendment rights?

We’ve all experienced the feeling when you want to take a bottle of milk or a package of toilet tissue out of the box, and you can’t reach them. That’s what’s happened to Jordan, the teen who was shot in the back 13 times when he went to take out some gun he’d purchased online from a friend.

We went down to the river, where Jordan washed the wounds we inflicted upon him with his mother’s tears. We’ve been down to that river to talk with an attorney who is trying to help Jordan.

You can hear more of what’s happened from our reporter, David Farenthold.

Reporter, David Farenthold: This is a story that is absolutely heartbreaking. What can I tell you first?

Jordan’s mother, Ashley, is a single mom with a 15-month-old daughter, who goes to a Christian school. She told us, she would never tell our story about Jordan. She couldn’t do that to her daughter, she said, or to anyone.

So we’ve talked with Jordan’s grandmother, and now we’re with Jordan.

Jordan has lost his leg and uses a wheelchair. His leg wasn’t recovered.

Ashley: I don’t know how many shots were fired. He was shot 13 times.

David: Why were you so intent on taking out the gun?

Jordan: Because I thought if I could take the gun out, I could shoot the guy with the gun.

David: You have a concealed-carry permit. You could have gotten it in the last few days.

Jordan: It’s a state law.

But when he walked into the school and into the classroom,

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